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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000

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Product Description

Kuvings WHOLE Slow Cold Press Juicer B6000


The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer has become the most sort after cold pressed juicer today. Kuvings have been widely recognised for International Award Winning Juicers and the Whole Slow Juicer is the first in the world to give you the Innovative Wide Mouth Chute.


The innovation of Kuvings, the evolution of your health.

Juicing has never been easier. The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer (Big Mouth Innovation) will simply save you so much preparation time and produce a glass of fresh juice in just a few seconds. It’s easier than ever to enjoy fresh, all-natural juice. This is a good option for people who don't have the time to prepare the produce for juicing.

This is the first and only cold press juicer in the world that can squeeze and press whole fruit and vegetables. No more chopping when it comes to apples, oranges and carrots, watch it juice a whole bunch of celery in seconds, released in Australia ahead of other markets we were one of the first to get this technology. We Aussies are known for taking on new technology ahead of the rest of the world.

Bigger Feeding Tube!

3X3” feeding tube fits apples, tomatoes, oranges, lemons and more. You can feed whole carrots as the cutting systems will bite off pieces as it moves down the chute.

The Whole Slow Juicer yields a more rich and nutritious juice from whole foods. This unique Kuvings juicer can crush and squeeze whole apples at once, preventing unwanted oxidation that occurs when you have to cut produce to fit small mouth juicers.

Fresh juice that allows your body to absorb about 4 times more nutrition than by eating whole fruits.




Whole Fruit, Whole Taste

An extra-wide 3"(7.5cm) feeding tube for juicing whole fruits and vegetables

Better Taste and Flavor

The Whole Fruit Slow Juicer (Big Mouth Type) yields a more rich and nutritious juice from whole foods. This unique Kuvings juicer can crush and squeeze whole apples at once preventing unwanted oxidation that occurs when you have to cut produce to fit small mouth juicers.

Premium design Resembling nature

Naturelike design shape makes your kitchen more beautiful.

It's all about the motor

A strong motor that makes the difference. It can handle hard vegetalbes like carrot and beets with ease.


Kuvings have over 35 years experience and are the first to bring you the Whole Slow Juicer.


Easy Clean-up After Juicing

Kuvings has made cleaning very simple. Using the juice cap, pour water through the juicer, turn the motor on and allow it to self clean before pulling it apart to give all parts a thorough clean. For perfect juice every time it is important to clean your juicer properly. By drying your juicer parts with a towel after washing you can eliminate juice residue staining and pulpy juice in the future. Watch this video and see how easy it is to clean the Whole slow juicer.


The benefits of cold-pressing your juices…

Whipping up a vegetable and fruit juice in the morning is a great way to get all your vitamins and nutrients for the day.

The most beneficial factor of a cold press juicer is the way it gently presses fruits and vegetables rather than high speed grinding and chewing. Cold pressing your fruit and vegetables helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact and alive. These valuable enzymes transform the juice into liquid that helps your digestion; assisting the body to absorb the nutrients, effectively boosting your energy level and immune system, and can also assist in healing your cells for good health – especially when drinking green vegetable juice!

This means, no more separation in your juice.



Fresh juice that allows your body to absorb about 4 times more nutrition than by eating whole fruits.

5 Times Wider Feeding Chute

The Wide Mouth Juicer, takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body.

Easy clean system

Smart juice cap, External rotating easy brush

Easy Assembly

The red dot indications allow the users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.

Smart Cap

  • Convenient and Spotless
  • Use the Smart Cap to create various mixed juices, to stop dripping, and to easily self rinse.


The Smart Cap

The Smart Cap contains the squeezed juice within the Juicing Bowl allowing juice to be mixed well and compliment all the flavors together. In addition, it prevents the juice from dripping which leaves no mess in the kitchen and makes clean-up easy.

It allows you to measure the quantity of juice in the juice bowl if you just want to make a glass, up to 400mls or more.

The other advantage is when following the self cleaning process, if you keep the smart cap close you can pre clean your juicer after you have finished juicing. By keeping the smart cap closed, pouring water down the chute while leaving the motor on. Allowing it to gather the pulp that is in the juice bowl and then releasing the juice cap cleaning the inside of the juice bowl, before pulling it apart and giving it a proper clean.

Kuvings continues to amaze as with their innovation and truly focuses and making our life easier when it comes to juicing!


Kuvings slow juicer's patented technology

Kuvings slow juicer was developed with a unique patented technology called J.M.C.S(Juicer Module Comprising System) to extract all the nutrients for a more nutritional juice.

World's Strongest Brushless Motor

  • Powerful 240W Motor, a significant improvement over the 150W of other slow juicers.
  • Manufactured in-house to provide power and minimize friction and noise.
  • The powerful, low-speed Kuvings motor is able to process very fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  • The unit stays cool, quiet, and stable thanks to the slow processing speed.

Strong AC motor manufactured in-house

Strong and stable AC Motor produced in-house in Korea operates quietly and can be continuously operated up to 30 minutes.

The strong in-house manufactured motor is stable as it operates quietly with minimal vibration.

A major advantage with the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer. Because the motor is made in Kuvings own factory quality control is second to none. The number one reason for a cold press juicer to work to its ultimate and be able to squeeze and press hard vegetables

Like carrots and beetroot well, and also squeeze and press green vegetables like kale spinach wheatgrass and herbs well, is all to do with the strength of the motor.

Crafted for Safety


A dual safety system with a 3-way ventilation channel made with high quality and durable materials to provide the tastiest juice with most nutrition.


View the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Manuel here:




View the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Catalogue here


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Product Specifications

Type   Slow 'Auger' Juicer
Auger Size   80mm
Voltage   240vac 50Hz
Power Consumption   240W
Speed   54RPM
Fuse   250v 5A
Net Weight   6.7 Kg
Gross Weight   8.5 Kg
Maximum Use   30 Minutes Continuous
Dimension   228 x 208 x 484mm
Warranty   20 Years Motor, 5 Years parts and labour
Key Benefits  
  • BPA Free Materials
  • Wide Mouth
  • Quietest Juicer on the Market
  • Stronger and bigger juice bowl
  • Quieter sound when juicing carrots and apples
  • Only uses 240 W
  • Award winning cold press juicer
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 horsepower motor
  • 20 years warranty on motor and 5 years part and labour
Product Specifications are as accurate as possible and gathered from manufactures specifications.


Warranty Information

20 Years Motor, 5 Years parts and labour

Other Details

Motor Speed:
Motor Warranty:
20 years
Parts Warranty:
5 years
High Quality Plastic
Auger Size:
Net Weight:

Product Reviews

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  1. Top notch! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2014

    Was a little nervous investing so much money on a juicer, especially having had a terrible experience with an inferior brand of a similar type, but this machine is wonderful! So easy to use and so easy to clean. Having a small bub with me now, juicing no longer was something i could afford the time to do each morning, but with the Kuvings its possible again. I can even feed things into the chute, pick up bub and it keeps juicing on its own.
    Produces a higher yield of juice (go through less produce, meaning less to prepare and less waste of course).
    And the best part is, that as the juice retains nutrients for so long, I can now make juices to last me throughout the day or even for the following day.

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