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Why do we sell Vertical Slow Juicers at Juice and Blend?

Posted by Jonathan Juicer on

I have had quite a few conversations recently with people about what Juice and Blend is all about, so I thought it would be good to tell you all about this as it may be of interest to you. Juice and Blend is all about making it easy for you to find the right product to start a lifestyle change to Juice and Blend your way to a healthy life...

A typical example of the vertical auger slow juicer.

We looked at the different type of products on the market and there are a few, see our article on these here which covers the main differences in each type of juicer. We understand that everyone has a busy life, we seem to be more time poor than ever before. We tend to look for convenience and don't always put our health first, but you need to make time for what's important to you. We all need to work to pay the bills, we have family that take up time and many other things going on. Therefore with all this in mind we looked at each product and the pros and cons of each juicer type and put the following philosophy in place.

We looked for a type of machine that would be easy to clean, be a good all-rounder with produce and take up a small footprint on the bench top.

To break that down further, no one wants to spend their life cleaning anything (let's face it) so one of the big advantages of the vertical slow juicer is the very easy cleaning. This is one of the most asked questions, how long will it take to clean? The good news is this type of juicer will only take about 3 minutes to clean, which is very well received when I talk to customers.


The next point is regarding what produce the juicer will juice, now you have some juicers that do a very good job of leafy greensl, but a terrible job of fruit, and conversely you can have juicers that juice fruits well but are unable to juice leafy greens. The good thing about the vertical slow juicer is they do a great job all round. They are not the best for leafy greens but they come a very close second in this regard. They also do a good job of fruits and vegetables.


I think the final point is obvious in that due to the upright design, the base of the machine is very compact and takes up little bench space. Why is this important you ask, well we would like you to keep your juicer out and try to use it everyday. You will feel the difference if you make the time to juice every day.

So if you are looking for a way to turn your health around or looking to get more nutrition in your body, we believe this is the way to go. We have talked to many both before and after they have made the decision to start juicing and they all say the same thing, I didn't think I had the time (before) and I'm so happy I have made the move and love juicing every day. Although talking to one lady the other day as a follow up from her purchase with us, she said she is loving the juicer, its really easy to clean and she is juicing every other day. I said to her, could we get you juicing every day as it is twice as good for you :)...

If you have any questions about juicing please take the time to contact us, we are very passionate about this way of life and would love to talk to you about getting you starting on this lifestyle also.

Remember to Juice and Blend your way to a healthy life...