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So what's happening in the real world?

Posted by Jonathan Juicer on

The real world Juicing and blendingIt's funny, I was approached by one of our customers about doing a guest blog on our site which I thought was a great idea. A look at the real world and what our everyday customer is doing with their life since purchasing a machine from us. I jumped at the idea as I thought it would be good to for all of our other followers and customers to get a perspective from someone like them.

This got me thinking, we are only the first step in the journey, a person makes a decision to start a process, whether it be for nutrition, weight loss, or just general wellbeing they look to find advice on the right juicer or blender to purchase and they come to us. I have had many conversations with customers about different techniques and ways to get the most out of their juicer or blender or often just talked about their needs and what machine would suit them best for their situation.

But what happens once they start their journey, does it go to plan, do they find bumps in the road along the highway of life? I know myself life gets in the way of living, we are all so busy and sometimes the thing that needs the most attentions is left to last. Our health should be number one, but this requires effort and scheduling which can become very difficult to fit in.

So I am pleased to say we have a guest on our site, she goes by the name of Dei, and is a working mother, Dei and her husband together have two boys and a dog. As you can imagine she is a busy lady with three men to look after :)...

Following this post we will start Dei's daily diary, we are sure she will tell you a little about her problems and challenges she has faced along the way and we are going to work with her to try to get her on the path she is looking for.

I hope you enjoy this series and if you would like to feature in the same way and work with us to get yourself juicing or blending please contact us via the contact us page and we will line you up for the next series.

Remember to Juice and Blend your way to a healthy life...