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Day 9: Just Juice It

Posted by Guest Dei on

Day 9

Just Juice It

New idea for a coffee table book – Bathroom Selfies. It’s time to update my itunes as I’m sick of the music that I have had on there for quite a while (and how did Marilyn Manson get on there – TS13???). I’m sure that will make me walk/run faster.

Went for 4km walk this morning. Juice waiting for me when I got back because I made it yesterday. 3 kale leaves people – and a whole beet. Very nice. I’m glad I have had the recipes in the guide to gradually increase the veggie content.

Went and saw a 3 hour movie (Boyhood – recommend it) today and while mum’s stomach reached 3 on the richter scale, mine didn’t make a noise. Had a big juice before we left. I think my metabolism has definitely changed. We went to a nursery and I got some beetroot and carrot seeds – so hopefully by summer we’ll have some. I also felt energetic enough to do some housework (I did say some).

I have now added some new skills to my resume, so there are 2 jobs I can go for now:

- A juice bar (I won’t even get my fingers stuck in the machine)

- The people that sell the slice and dice gadget in the middle of the shopping centres (just have to work on that Irish accent)

Was thinking of a blog name, but Juicy Mama might not attract the target audience I’m looking for.

Off to make tomorrow’s juice and have to get off the computer as TS13 needs to study for his Masters in Minecraft.