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Day 8: Today I did my PB

Posted by Guest Dei on

Day 8

Today I did my PB

I know you’re watching this blog as intently as the Adelaide Zookeepers are watching Wang Wang and Funi, waiting for them to mate. You can see it on Panda cam – no wonder Wang Wang has performance anxiety.

On the 8th day of juicing, Juice & Blend gave me this recipe:

4 crunchy carrots

2 granny smith apples

2 sticks of celery

2 kale leaves (sing it the same as “5 gold rings”)

1 half a beet

1 half a lemon

And a thumb of ginger with vitamin B3 (I hope you’re getting this)

This is a great combo. The lemon is great – and I have progressed to 2 kale leaves! Although it won’t be making an appearance in the veggie patch this year. The warming ginger reminds me of mum’s homemade ginger beer we used to have as kids. I think my taste buds have got used to the bitterness now and I’m not looking for sweet foods or drinks. Fingernails are growing before my eyes and energy levels are picking up.

This morning I went to parkrun – a free 5km run near home – they are all over Australia and the world. I had done 3 runs at another location at the start of the year when I was supposedly fitter and carrying less weight. But today I did my PB, so pretty happy with that. I came second in my age group for women (OK, there were only 2 of us in my age group). Room for improvement! It was drizzling at the start, so I was looking great with my Yahoo Serious frizzy hair. After the run I was pretty hot in the face. What’s that saying “As red as a ……….” It will come to me later.