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Day 6: Eat, Juice, Love

Posted by Guest Dei on

Note to self – don’t have a sandwich with rocket in it on the same day as kale juice. I think my tongue has gone numb.

The oranges have gone from the recipe and ½ a beet has been added. When the beetroot goes through the juicer, it looks like a scene from Reservoir Dogs. I have already used beetroot before and so I can cope with the extra earthy flavour and the apples are still there for sweetness. The juicer is taking pride of place on the bench, surrounded by draining parts, jars, lids and jugs.

J-dog woke me up and robbed me of 6 minutes of sleep (alarm was about to go off). Felt energetic after pretty good sleep, so we went for a jog/walk. He has a free range run for most of it. Have to put him back on the lead near the road, otherwise he chases after any vehicle that is tax deductible size or bigger.

Use this time now to reflect on how lucky we are to have our families, friends, warm beds and kale.


You done? Good, here are my top 10 Juicing Songs:

1) Stairway to Lemon – Led Zeppelin

2) We are Kaling – Rod Stewart

3) Celery – Steve Winwood

4) Lime after Lime – Cyndi Lauper

5) Beet It – Michael Jackson

6) Whiter Shade of Kale – Procol Harum

7) Orange Crush – R.E.M

8) If you wannabe cucumber – The Spice Girls

9) Juice on the Loose – Rose Tattoo (please do NOT look up the lyrics to this song)

10) Love me Blender - Elvis