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Day 5: Kale don’t kill my vibe

Posted by Guest Dei on

I get the kale out. I sniff it and touch it. It doesn’t feel real. 1 leaf to go in the juice. Pretty much same juice recipe as yesterday, but with an extra green leaf – can’t be too bad, can it? With the orange and apple in there, hoping it is disguised.

I take the first mouthful. Not too bad, can taste lots of sweet fruit juice as well. I keep drinking. It’s afterwards it hits you – that weird, peppery aftertaste. Even after brushing my teeth it was still there.

With all the carrots and oranges I have been juicing, I’m wondering if I’ll start changing colour and look like an oompa loompa. After 16 carrots, I haven’t been able to drive without my glasses yet.

I have moments during the day where I feel a bit weird, not quite nauseous, but almost. The lethargy hits at 3pm, but it could be from the lack of sleep. This morning I woke at 4am then didn’t sleep well after that. Changed the alarm time to later, and eventually went for a 20 minute quick walk. Got back and checked that HH had put the rubbish bins close to the kerb - want to make sure I’ve got all the right junk in all the right places. Who is writing the pop songs today????

Is there a juice that gets rid of grey hair?

It’s Weigh In Wednesday today folks. 1kg has gone already! My big toes are looking very toned. Not getting too excited. My main aim is to make juicing a daily habit over the 4 weeks and cut out unhealthy snacks. But this is a good start. I might have a celebratory water.

It’s 8.20pm and I’m having my last juice. I’m hoping the juice-before-bedtime ritual works again instead of a cup of tea and something sweet. Must go and scrub my tongue now.