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Day 4: Pulp (non) fiction

Posted by Guest Dei on

The wormfarm worms are the luckiest in the world with all the pulp that they get to eat. I’m a bit worried they’ll grow to anaconda size and come and eat us in the night.

I had the best sleep last night. I can only put it down to not having any cups of tea or chocolate drinks yesterday – and having that juice an hour before bed. Well it was the best sleep, until 5am. J-dog thinks that daylight savings has started. I lay in bed until 5.40 then got up. Like the ugly sisters trying to get Cinderella’s shoe on, I pull on my pants. We go for a jog/walk. When I find that genie in a bottle, I’m asking for one thing only – disappearing dog poo. The neighbours know my stretching routine now, but I do go back inside to do the groin stretch.

Because I made the juice last night, I have 4 small glass jars in the fridge full of juice. Juice definitely tastes better in glass, lasts a bit longer and a good way to recycle your jam jars. I am very happy that the juice has matured and the sweetness from the apple and carrot has offset the cucumber taste.

Still no BM, so my last one is becoming a distant memory. That movie comes to mind with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson………

I was a bit concerned if the BM was going to happen at work. I was picturing myself running through the office, knocking anyone over in my path to get to the loo in time. But it was all very normal. Could still be a backlog though. If you’re shutting down the page now, please read on. I won’t talk about BM’s every post (just the milestone ones will be mentioned).

On the way home from work I had to get more produce. I need 24 carrots for Day 6-10 recipes. I think I’ll ring up a horse trainer at Flemington and ask who their supplier is. I also need kale. I find the smallest bunch I can. There is even purple kale – I don’t want to know what that tastes like. I often say to myself I need some lutein and zeaxanthin, so apparently this is the food to get it.

I have 3 juices between 2pm and 6pm (about 650ml), so now things are moving (just annoying that the toilets at the shopping centre were closed for cleaning and I had to walk very quickly down the other end).

I have the day off tomorrow, which means I have the whole day to work up to putting that curly green stuff in my juice.