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Day 31: Onward Juicing Soldiers

Posted by Guest Dei on

Day 31

Onward Juicing Soldiers

Here we are 1 month after the juice challenge started! I’m thinking of getting a sign painted on my car that gives me priority parking at the fruit shop “Urgent Juice” – I need to get home quick and make my juices.

Adaptation is the key. We have been looking after mum’s 2 dogs last 2 weeks, so whilst running with 3 dogs might be entertaining for Funniest Home Videos, it’s not very good for OH&S. So running will have to wait until it’s just me and J-dog again. I have had a bit of sleep deprivation – I feel like Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden in Fight Club. I am a light sleeper, so whenever one of the dogs moves, I wake up.

We had a family lunch at our house last weekend, so for 2 days I cooked and cleaned. My house is not old enough to say it has a vintage patina. I was disappointed to break one of my super strength nails (benefit from juicing) whilst cleaning. All this work meant no juicingL. Even TS13 has asked “is there any juice”.


- Skin is looking better

- Face colour is not dull grey anymore

- Haven’t depleted the world’s toilet paper supply

- Rest of family getting into it (TS16 still has his Macca’s Frappe – even though it makes him crappe)

- J-dog has discovered fox hunting is a lot of fun

- 3.5 kg lost

- Jeans fitting easier. They are however the $10 pair from the cheap clothing shop which I had to buy to fit into something a while ago. My old jeans are still saying “ain’t nobody doin’ that zip up”.

- Mood swings/PMS reduced. HH’s comment the other day “you’ve been like this for 2 days”
is a big improvement on the usual “you’ve been like this all week”.

- Concentration time at work a lot longer and not thinking about food all the time

So, I must go now and make some juice as I have been fretting without my usual supply in the fridge. If only the juice fairies had made some last night.

I will come back to you in a month or two as I expect even bigger changes by then. I never did do the 3 day detox, so that is on the list.

A big thanks to Juice & Blend’s team for their support, tips and recipes and keeping me motivated!