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Day 3: So you think you can juice?

Posted by Guest Dei on

Juice danceSo you think you can juice.

I slept well last night (although could have been sleep deprivation- catch-up) Got up early and took J-dog out. Went down to the boardwalk around the lake and jogged between park benches. Did some bench dips, pushups leaning onto the bench, step ups and another exercise which I can’t explain, but imagine doing the YMCA ‘Y’ with your arms whilst you are in a half squat position. Raise your arms out going wider as you raise them and bring them back down to your knees. Try it yourself. I’m sure Commando does these. 5 sets of everything then jogged back. Short and sweet. My butt will be twerking on the internet in no time.

I did intend making juice last night after writing my blog. Then everyone went to bed, so wasn’t about to start chopping at 10pm. So no juice this morning. My plan was to do it after work and school pickups.

Went to work this morning and already at 9.16am, my stomach started making some weird noises. There’s probably an animal at the zoo that makes the same noise. It was too early to have my snack, so sipped on my water, which was very filling and satisfying. At lunch I was brave and had the last of the leftover curry. Refrained from raiding the bikkie barrel at work and ignored the “hungry” feeling (half an hour after eating lunch). Felt thirsty – may have been the salt in the curry paste I used (you know the one with more oil than an Exxon spill in the top when you open it).

I got to school on time and picked up TS16 and TS13 and couldn’t wait to get home and make my juice. I was starting to get a headache and feeling very tired. I nearly abused the guy that was half blocking everyone on the roundabout, but thought I better not in case he was waiting for the disabled spot to clear. He wasn’t. Instead I motioned to the Yard Duty person – didn’t want to breach the Parents Code of Conduct (yes we have one). She sorted him out.

Leave school to get on the freeway and everyone is turning around and going back the other way as the police are making them. You know it’s a bad accident if that is happening. Go the other way home and there is a .05 bus. Luckily they didn’t stop me or I would have grabbed the taser off them and used it. “I want a juice and I want it NOW”.

4.30pm and I am finally juicing. 4.48pm and I’m drinking Orange, Apple, Carrot, Celery & Cucumber. Apparently the celery aids BM’s (bowel movements). Here’s hoping. It made 900ml again. I’m going to have to break this up into 2 drinks, one before dinner and one after. It’s an interesting taste. I’m not sure that I like the cucumber, but I will persist. Have a big drink, so again, not hungry at dinner time and have a small serve. A new concept for me – being organised. I actually make tomorrow’s juice so I can spread it out over the day instead. I think about skipping a day in the guide and moving on to next day’s recipe, but it’s got the ‘K’ word in it (kale). I am going to have to go and buy some tomorrow though :-\. 8.45pm and I’m drinking the last 400ml and wondering how my night will go. Not sure if it’s a good move having it before bed. The headache has worsened – toxins be gone!