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Day 2: What’s your excuse not to juice?

Posted by Guest Dei on

What’s your excuse not to juice?

I wish I could rhyme as good as Kanye.

Well I just didn’t juice at the expected time. Thanks to TS16 (16yo teenage son), I was awoken at 1.41am to find him still on the playstation. Then J-dog (Jet, the dog) woke me at 5am. Didn’t get much sleep after that, so got up about 7. Today may not be the best day to take my ‘Before’ selfie with only 5 hours sleep – although that would make J&B look like miracle workers! After spending 2 hours cleaning up the rumpus room yesterday, I walk in to find bits of broken toothpicks lying around. TS13 had beef ribs last night for dinner and used more toothpicks than Joel Madden on an episode of The Voice.

I decide to take J-dog for a jog/walk. I found my i-pod shuffle (I do like vintage things), but no headphones attached. Finding headphones in our house is harder than Indiana Jones finding the Ark. Finally find some and head out. The spring weather makes me feel good.

Here is the flowchart for J-dog’s walks:

I end up walking half and jogging half – about 4km all up. J- dog doesn’t care that the schmacko which I had tucked into the top of my trackies has added flavour of belly sweat. I enjoy having a nice stretch when I get back.

Have a bit of a dance around with the headphones on while I sort out some washing. Can’t start the juicing as the chopping noises will wake up HH (hot husband) and TS16. I don’t want to eat as J&B suggest having the juice first thing in the morning so the juice moves through at a cellular level. OK, I believe them, but I’m getting hungry. The guide also says I may experience some detoxing effects if I have a lifestyle high in fat, sugar or processed foods (does that mean I’m getting triple the effects??).

After everyone is finally up, I can juice. I decide to skip to Day 3 of the program because I have already experimented with veggies. 3 oranges, 2 apples, 3 carrots and 1 celery stalk. This makes 900ml of juice. When I was juicing previously, I was making that much and drinking it over 2 days. I have about 300ml and decide to keep the rest for during the day when I get hungry. It was a little bit earthy with the carrots, but still very sweet. Then I juiced the rest of the oranges and a pineapple for the boys to have over next couple of days.

I’ve decided not to detail what I eat each day (that would take up another 100 lines), but let’s just say there have been cutbacks. I only had 4 favorites chocolates and 1 small flavoured milk. I may also have had a handful of chicken twisties (which the juice paired nicely with). After having my 3 rd juice half hour before dinner, I was definitely not that hungry at dinner time, so had a small serve of leftover chicken curry which I made last night.

Now my bowels have never been that regular, but I’m hoping I don’t have the detox effects at work. And I’m also debating whether I should have my 3 rd serve of curry in 3 days for lunch tomorrow. This is the pre-warning that the following blogs may be graphic and disturbing.