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Day 17: Green Green Glass of home

Posted by Guest Dei on

Hi there. I’m still going!

- Knocked a whole 47 seconds off my 5km run (look out Usain Bolt)

- Weigh In Wednesday showed another kilo gone

- Jeans feeling slightly more comfortable

- I had a pimple in my eyebrow which looked like I have had a piercing

- Afternoon tiredness slump seems to be disappearing

I have been drinking juice every day, but juicing every second day and making 2 lots. The last few days I have tried some recipes from J&B’s newsletters. The very green cleanse juice was excellent – except I have had to halve the cucumber quantity. I have discovered that is the taste I am not too keen on. I am now having recipes with 5 kale leaves in without flinching. Parsley has also been added as there is heaps in the herb garden to use up. There is more chlorophyll than the botanic gardens in these juices.

I’m trying to think of a use for all the mesh bags that the oranges come in. I’ll send the dress design to Collette Dinnigan.

I have been enjoying the outdoor gym – I get to see the honeyeaters and listen to the banjo frogs. The ducks down at the lake have worked out that I’m not there as a food source and ignore me now.

Jet is not enjoying it – he has been swooped and pecked by a magpie several times.

Some tips for juicing

- Buy fruit and veg that is in season and find recipes to suit

- If you can’t juice every day, do every 2nd day and make a double amount to last 2 days

- Replace soft drink or cordial in the house with fresh fruit juice and water/soda water

- Small changes make a difference, so do what you can (after you have done the washing, ironing, made the lunches, cooked dinner, etc)