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Day 10: Talkin’ ‘bout my indigestion

Posted by Guest Dei on

Day 10

People try to put us down

Just because we juice around

Not tryin’ to cause a big s-s-sensation

Just talkin’ ‘bout my concentration

Talkin’ ‘bout my indigestion

Talkin’ ‘bout my constipation

Talkin’ ‘bout my rehydration

Talkin’ ‘bout my deprivation

It’s Day 10. I have made it to the end of the guide. Last night I had plans of making juice for today, but the couch beckoned (and Storage Wars). So made my juice after work today and then made tomorrow’s and some OJ for the boys. Thought about giving the beetroot tinted rinsing water to the boys and saying it was raspberry cordial. So, s*?t happens (and sometimes a lot more if you’re juicing with kale). Some days won’t work out the way you planned. Some days are diamond, some days are red scoria. You’ll have a bad night’s sleep, the kids or the dog wakes you up, etc (sorry, not a cat person). I just get up now and get going with my exercise. I’m planning on being an extra in The Walking Dead – they’ll save a fortune in their makeup department.

Having the shopping guide and the recipes was a good way to start. Now I’m confident to experiment with other recipes. From start to finish, it takes about 15-20 minutes to chop, wash, juice and then clean the juicer. Not a big deal really – what else would you be doing? I know, watching the Bachelor. Some people may prefer to take a multivitamin, but I prefer not to be queuing up with the Essendon footballers at Chemist Warehouse. This is real, raw food.

As well as doing my park bench workout this morning, I took TS13 and J-dog for a walk before it got dark. Couldn’t keep up with TS13 on the scooter, so ended up jogging some of it. Now I don’t look for my usual excuses not to run

- The dog lead (without the dog on it), will weigh me down on one side and my hips will be unbalanced

- I wore a jumper and I’ll get too hot

- I might get my shoes wet

- There’s not 6 hot air balloons in the sky

Those who know me, know I’ve never done gaunt, and I’ve done all this before in various forms. So it’s up to me to keep going. I know I can do it on my own and for free (well I do now own shares in the fruit shop).

Some of the benefits from juicing I mentioned earlier. I’m still having energy slumps, but that is probably more to do with lack of sleep than anything. At least I’m not reaching for the chocolate, biscuits, twisties, (how long have you got), etc. In 9 days, I’ve had 1 hot chocolate and haven’t missed it. I would rather come home and have a juice now because I know it will get me through ‘til dinnertime.

So here’s the good news:

- No indigestion or heartburn any more

- More regular

- Don’t feel deprived of other foods

- Fingernails growing strong

- Improved concentration

- Better mood (except when I find pee on the toilet floor and TS16 matches my sarcasm with “how do you know it wasn’t the dog mum?”)

So if that’s the benefits after such a short time, who knows what long term benefits can be gained?

I’m going to report back each week with an update until the 4 week mark.

Keep on juicin’