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Can you lose weight juicing?

Posted by Anne on

Yes you certainly can! But the real question is ‘Can I lose weight safely by juicing?’ The answer is yes again!

How much weight you lose and how quickly you lose it will depend on how often you juice and what you are juicing.

When juicing, your body is taking in all the nutrients it requires to sustain itself forcing all the toxins from your body. These toxins are mostly stored in fat cells causing you to lose weight. The pace with which you rid your body of these toxins will vary depending on whether you are juice fasting or juicing in combination with a diet of whole healthy foods. We recommend keeping a juice fast to within 3-5 days at a time.

If you are juice fasting, you can experience some side effects as your body starts to expel the toxins stored over time from eating unhealthy foods. These side effects can include headaches, body aches, lethargy and/or moodiness and they should last only a few days. If you are combining juicing with a diet of whole healthy foods, then these side effects generally with not occur as the toxins will leave your body at a slower rate. Juicing combined with eating whole healthy foods will also create good eating habits that can be sustained into the future for a longer and healthier life. This is also a more manageable option for some of us.

Juicing allows your body to absorb all the valuable nutrition from your foods directly, bypassing your digestive system and entering your body at a cellular level. This allows your body to redirect the energy usually reserved for digesting foods such as meat, dairy and bread and give it back to you. The result is a more happy, active and energetic you who has loads of energy to burn.

When is the best time to juice?

The best time to juice is on an empty stomach, this allows the juice to pass easily through your digestive system and enter your body at a cellular level enabling your body to absorb the maximum nutrition from you fruits and vegetables.

The ideal time would be first thing in the morning when your body has gone through a fasting period overnight. Realistically this is not always an option. Mornings are a rush in most households and generally it’s a mad dash out the door to get the kids to school on time or to get to work. Spare time is something of a precious luxury to most of us. Don’t despair; there are other ways to ensure you get your daily dose of goodness at the right time.

Of course the obvious suggestion would be to get up a little bit earlier but that’s always easier said than done. This is though a very good option and one that could work with a little bit of planning. Firstly think about how long it takes for you to prepare your breakfast and sit down to eat it. Would you be surprised if I told you, you could prepare a juice in the same amount of time? From start to finish, including preparing and washing up, you could have your juice ready in about 20 minutes and if you pour your juice into a BALL jar (the perfect container for any juice), you can enjoy your juice on the go. Alternatively, save it until you get to your morning destination where you can stop for a minute to enjoy and savour your delicious juice.

If this doesn’t sound like an option for you or doesn’t suit your lifestyle then there are other options.

Whatever your lifestyle, try choosing a time of the day when your body has had a chance to digest your last meal or snack fully so your juice can bypass your digestive system and enter directly into your system at a cellular level to gain the maximum benefits.

Another option is to have your juice 1 hour before your main meal. This will help stop you from overeating or reaching for a sweet treat afterwards.

Juicing does not have to be hard. You can make it a big part of your life resulting in some dramatic changes quite quickly with your weight or you can take it a little slower. Either way, you will see improvements in your weight from juicing raw fruit and vegetables daily. With a few adjustments you can make it an easy part of your lifestyle. You’ll look and feel great and it will lead you to a happier, healthier and longer life!