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Can we admit life is hard sometimes?

Posted by Jonathan Juicer on

Running Steps

The other day I was in the local deli getting some lunch, they do a good job catering for Gluten free and any other dietary requirements. The staff are always happy to take time with the customers. While in there talking to the friendly staff I was telling them how I had run 7 kilometres just the day before. The young lady who worked there engaged me in a series of back and forth that went a little like this:

The first thing she said to me was,

"is it easy?"

I replied,

"no, it's bloody hard"

7 k's is 7 k's after all. As soon as I said it was hard she came back with a very abrupt:

"Thank you!”

I said,

“Thank you for what?”

She said,

"For being honest"

She went on to say how she talks to people all the time and how they say they love running and it is easy. I said:

“Don’t get me wrong, I love running”

I feel amazing for the rest of the day after my run. I hang out for my next run, I feel pumped as I set off, but none of this detracts from the fact that running is hard. She told me that when talking to people they never say it’s hard, they talk it up, say it’s great etc, but she feels running is hard, so why does everyone she talks to says it's not.

So this got me thinking, why do people portray one aspect when they feel another, now it may be that some people find it easy. But I haven’t found anyone. I know a guy who is, what I would call an elite runner and even he says it’s hard. It reminds me of that "smoker", we all know one, you know the one who says, "I can give up any time, I just don't want to because I enjoy it so much" right... Anyone who has ever smoked would know it is "bloody hard" to give up, you have to have commitment and perseverance.

So back to the question, can we admit life is hard sometimes? Life is life, it's good to be fit and healthy, or to have a plan to work at getting fit and healthy. But please remember, it's not meant to be easy, if it were everyone would be fit, healthy and we wouldn't have the major health problems we have in the world today.

I started juicing to get well, this set in motion a chain reaction I did not expect. First, I got well, this I was hoping for and to be honest expecting. Then I started getting lots of energy, which was an unexpected bonus, and then I lost about eight kilograms, which was also a nice bonus. Then I started running, which I will come back to in a minute, this was a result of the energy I gained from juicing. Because of my new lifestyle, I have now lost a total of 12 kilos since my juice journey began, which is a total loss of 15 kilos from my peak weight. So how did I get here? Let me talk about that journey, easy or hard?

The juicing was not too hard, I was enjoying the daily ritual of waking up in the morning and making my juice, granted I had to make changes to my lifestyle to accommodate this into my routine, but nothing major. I had to find the time make the time, not that it takes that long to do, but you have to allow for that time to juice so as to not make you late for other things. You need to change your shopping habits, but it’s all about making the time to take care of your own health.

Then came the running, I still remember the first time I went for a run, I made it about 400 meters, at which point I had to stop running and start walking. (I have to say that at this point it felt as hard as it ever could have…) This situation got worse as time went on, each run I would find it would get harder. Then while talking to a friend who was also a runner, and telling him how I can’t seem to get any better, and how each day I was getting more and more tired, a light bulb moment happened. He explained I had to take it easy and only run every other day, something I wasn’t aware of, at the time and I had been running every day.

I guess that like everything in life you need to do it the right way and ease in to it. Therefore, I started a new running routine, running only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This made a difference, I started with about 1.5km per day and once I could complete this distance I would move to the next goal. My plan, based on research was to step up ten percent each week with the goal of reaching 5km each run. Again, as much as I enjoyed this, it was hard. You see our bodies spend a lot of the day doing low activity (sitting, driving, and walking) and running is an extreme sport, it demands a lot from our bodies, many muscle groups work at the same time and this requires a lot of energy. Each day we get out of bed, having cold muscles and expect our bodies to perform... While we may have the determination to do it, and push through this I can’t help thinking it has to be hard, how can it not be?

Running shoes

Then as a new runner, you try to do the right thing, you stretch before you run, you have all stood there doing that stretch thinking this feels gooood. The problem is studies have shown this is the wrong thing to do before a run as it puts your muscles in rest mode. They have found you do need to stretch after the run to relax your muscles, but before a run, you need your stretch to be an active exercise (stretch), like a walk or light run, or lunges, something that wakes the muscles up. All of this adds to the fact that it is hard, so... We can admit things are hard. We are only human, the important thing here is that we are doing something about our health. Juice, blend, run, walk, ride, swim or whatever you may choose to do, do it, it may be hard but you are worth it.

It’s funny, bad habits are easy to get into, good habits are hard to get into, so that’s just one more hard thing we need to get on with.

Remember to Juice and Blend your way to a healthy life...