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Breaking Bad Habits

Posted by Anne on

It takes 21 days to break a bad habit and 28 days to form a new habit!

We all have them…Bad habits. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, biting nails, chewing gum or eating bad foods.

If your bad habit is eating the wrong things at the wrong time and you want to break this habit, then think about what you would like to be doing differently in 1 month if you start today. In 1 month you could be a whole new you with a whole new life…a better and healthier you! It doesn’t sound like very long does it? Think about what you were doing 1 month ago and I’m sure you’ll remember it like it was just yesterday. That’s how quick 1 month can go!

But how do you start I hear you ask? Juicing and blending of course! But first, you need to decide that you want to do it. There’s no use starting a new challenge if your mind it only half committed. This will make it so much more challenging to succeed. So get yourself in the right mind set first and you’re already half way there. But how do you do that? Focus on the goal ahead, the finishing line so to speak. Imagine yourself making better food choices, eating healthier and imaging how good you will feel. That sluggish feeling that stops you getting out and playing with your kids, riding your bike that’s been gathering dust in the shed or just having the energy to get the most out of your day with want ever it is you enjoy doing. Imagine that feeling gone and being replaced with new enthusiasm and eagerness to get up and do these things without tiring easily and feeling worn out. How good would that feel? It would feel great, wouldn’t it? Well it can be you; you just have to want to do it and confidently say to yourself ‘I don’t want to be like this anymore, I want to change’. Taking the first step can be scary but you have to jump in with both feet and be fully committed. Sure there be falls along the way, that’s perfectly natural. Just remember to pick yourself up, hold your head high, dust yourself off and keep going. A few stumbles along the way will only make you a stronger person for it. If you have a partner, a friend or a family member who you can join forces with for support and to help keep each other on the right path to a healthier life then that will make to journey a whole lot easier. Another good idea is to use a social network like Facebook and connect with other people going through the same challenges as you. You’ll also get lots of useful tips to help you along the way.

Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time is something I think we are all guilty of at some point. Whether it is snacking while you’re preparing a meal for the family, snacking before bed while you watch your favourite TV show or maybe making bad choices at the local café or takeaway shop during your lunch break. We’ve all told ourselves the same excuses over and over again; ‘One more won’t hurt’, ‘It’s only a small piece of cake’ or ‘I’ll burn it off before bedtime’. Sound familiar? You need to change the way you speak to yourself and start asking yourself why do you want that chocolate biscuit or potato cake or whatever it is that tempts you. Are you really hungry, are you bored or have you been doing it for so long now that you don’t even know why you’re doing it? Some of the time our mind mistakes thirst for hunger. Try having a glass of water first and then wait 10 minutes and ask yourself the question again; Are you really hungry? If the answer is ‘yes’ then take the time to think about what it is your body needs and make a good choice. We all know what a good choice is and we all know which foods we should avoid, so make a good choice. Try not to let yourself get too hungry as your resistance will be down and that makes it so much harder to make a good choice. Keep healthy snacks with you throughout the day whether it’s in your handbag, in the car or at the office. Keep a water bottle with you also.

And now for the juicing and blending and how it’s going to help you towards achieving your goals. This is not so much about breaking your old bad habits but about creating new good habits that will stay with you for a long time.

Both juicing and blending are an excellent way to gain additional nutrition from your food, additional nutrition you may not normally get through eating whole foods alone. It’s not always easy to consume the recommended daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only do our busy lifestyles get in the way but sometimes it’s just plan difficult to eat that much. Juicing and blending can compress all those good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into an easily digestible and delicious drink. When your body starts receiving this additional goodness you’ll start noticing the difference in not only how you feel but how you look as well. You’ll have more energy throughout the day and your mind will be clearer and stronger enabling you to make better choices. You’ll start to notice things like clearer skin, brighter eyes, stronger hair and nails and your body will run like clockwork. This will be the beginning of the new you; a healthier and happier you! This could be you in just 28 days!


If you’re not sure how to start on the juicing and blending lifestyle then we can help you with our Juicers and Smoothers Beginners Guide. This Guide has been put together with a lot of thought and consideration towards helping you on the right track to making the right choices for you. We will show you how to choose the right juicer and blender for you, how to choose and store your produce, how to prepare your produce for juicing, how to store your juice and smoothie, we’ll give you a couple of juice and smoothie recipes to get you started and lots more!

You can download a FREE copy of our Juicers and Smoothers Beginners Guide here!

We want to introduce you to this fantastic lifestyle of juicing and blending because we know just how great it can be. We started our own journey not too long ago when my husband became unwell and was looking for a way to improve his health. The whole family is now juicing and blending daily and we are all seeing great results with our health which ultimately has improved our lifestyle.

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