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  • Are you looking to get good nutrition?
  • Do you want to get maximum health benefits from fresh produce?
  • Do you want to gain more energy?
  • Do you want to lose weight?

At Juice and Blend, we are passionate about the benefits of Juicing and Blending. Juicing and Blending while both quite different, they are both a great way to gain additional nutritional value from fresh fruits and vegetables. We started this business after an unexpected lifestyle change occurred from juicing every day to try and get well. Since then we have seen a tremendous improvement in our health including increased energy levels, clearer skin, shinier hair and weight loss.

Take your typical deskbound worker with limited physical exercise, but a generally fine diet. A person who had little energy and was always tired. A person who would need two or three weeks to recover from a cold and a cut on his finger would take weeks to heal. That person was me, Jonathan.

Then fast forward several months after living this new lifestyle of juicing every day. The result was vast amounts of energy and a general all-round feeling of wellbeing. But what to do with all the extra energy, it had to be harnessed, so for no good reason other than it seemed like a good idea at the time, I took up running. Never had I ran in my life, in fact I always felt like running was too hard, but for some reason it felt right. Running meant my body needed more energy so the blender became my new best friend, while still keeping my relationship with my old best friend the juicer. Within a couple of months I had worked up to 15 klm's per week. This is my new life, I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5 klm's each day. I juice for Breakfast Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday then have smoothies on my run days. I juice before lunch on my run days and whenever the feeling takes me. I make smoothies after dinner to substitute desserts some days if I want to make a healthy choice.

Recently I was getting a cold and it didn't even last one day!! I just made sure I juiced morning and night when I was feeling it come on and it never got a hold of me. When I cut my finger it heals in a few days, my hair and fingernails grow very quickly also. I have lost 12 kg though the process and would have to say I have never been as fit as I am today in my whole life. My skin looks good, everyone I see comments on how healthy I look and that's just me. My wife Anne has also seen the same results and my three kids are all addicted to this lifestyle.

The thing I am most proud of out of this whole journey is that my kids are going to grow up thinking juicing and blending is a 'standard' way of life. When I was growing up fruit and vegies were not my best friend. We all consume so many now and all love them thanks to juicing and blending. So now you know a little bit of our story, you may understand why we are so passionate about this and why we started the business, we want to get the word out about juicing and blending your way to a healthy life.

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Our mission, to provide the best products on the market along with excellent customer service and to educate Australia about the values of this healthy life. If you have any questions, comments or would like to provide valuable feedback please contact us, we always like to hear from other people. We have taken the time to do the research to find the best Juicers and Blenders to make it easy for you.


So how can a life with Juicing change your life? While Joe uses a fast (centrifugal) juicer, the principles are the same. Although a slow juicer is much better for you as it preserves the nutritional value and increases the benefits even further. See our info graphic below the trailer.


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This website contains general information about health and nutrition. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.