Juice and Blend

We are no longer trading, warranty details below for our machines
Go to Blendtec


For Blendtec support: If you have any warranty problems please contact Blendtec via phone or email here: ffs@franchisefitout.com 07 3272 9877

Go to Kuvings


For Kuvings support: If at anytime you do wish to make a warranty claim please contact Kuvings via their website here: http://kuvings.net.au/contact. You will need to include a photo of the part(s) in question.

Go to Hurom


For Hurom support: Please also don’t forget to register your warranty and if you have any warranty problems you can contact Hurom via their website here: http://hurom.com.au/content/warranty.php

What has happen to Juice and Blend

We gave it a go, we wanted to bring high quality health products to the Australian people, we have had a lot of great customers and helped a lot of people. Unfortunately with cheaper products and very tight margins this is a business that is not sustainable, so we have wrapped it up.

Thank you

We would like to send our thanks to all of our fantastic customers over the years and wish everyone all the best.

If you do need to contact us, please use the contact form below:

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